Land use surveys

Food Security

Food security

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization the FAO defines food Security as:

“When all people, at all times, physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe & nutritious food which meets their dietary need and food preferences for an active and healthy life”

The ability to ensure access to essential nutrition, assessing against future disruption of critical food supplies that can occur from extreme weather adversities like floods, storm damage, droughts or other economic instabilities including supply disruptions, fuel shortages, or conflicts.

Food Security

rests on 3 pillars:

1. Availability: Production and Agricultural Capacity, Nutrition (Energy and Protein proportion, nutrient density and quality).

2. Access: physical, Social, Economic and government policy (social safety nets).

3. Utilization: Equitable distribution, Nutrition education/knowledge

At National level, access issues primarily drive food insecurity.

Without a fundamental shift in the way natural resources are managed, the world face the prospect of multiple, interlocking global crises for the environment, prosperity and security. The world needs more food, more water, more energy, and more biofuels, as well as more sustainable forestry to deal with carbon emissions. All these factors are contributing to Global Food Insecurity.

Using strategic Land Use Surveys are the first steps in achieving food security and social stability. It is the foundation for successful and profitable decision making in all areas of Government responsibility. Data collected for Satellite and Arial surveys are used to construct 3D digital Maps of Entire Nations allowing identification of current and optimum use of all land and water assets, formulating in a detailed data plan involving four key perspectives
1. Development Projects.
2. Policy initiatives.
3. Social initiatives.
4. Trade and Economic initiatives.

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