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Strategic Natural Capital – How we deliver value to our partners and clients

Without a fundamental shift in the way natural resources are managed, the world faces the prospect of multiple, interlocking global crises for the environment, prosperity and security. The world is crying out for more food, more water, more energy, more biofuels, as well as more sustainable forestry to deal with carbon emissions.

Food, fibre, energy, water,, and climate security, coupled with sustainable natural resource exploitation and economic growth are now the key policy and decision-making drivers for most governments and represent the strongest growth markets for investment globally.

Sustainable development, particularly with regard to natural resources or natural capital, is now an issue that must be incorporated into the strategy and operations of government and business, not just as a matter of stakeholder responsibility but as a prerequisite for a more prosperous, safe and equitable global future. The costs of inaction are high.

This interface between governance, sustainability and profitability is now where competitive advantage lies for both corporations and government and provides the strongest global capital growth and investment opportunities.

Strategic Natural Capital partners with communities, governments and corporations to deliver these outcomes. This is achieved in 2 steps.

1. By conducting comprehensive strategic land use survey, analysis and planning – providing the information needed for decision making.
2. By developing and managing sustainable development projects in target market sectors with our global partners.

1. Strategic Land Use Survey, Analysis and Planning
Strategic land use data for the entire country is digitally collected in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet light spectrum’s via satellite and fixed wing aircraft down to a resolution of 50 cm2.

The data is stored in a secure digital database and over layed with any available in-country information on land tenure, forestry leases, mining leases, agricultural leases and any other relevant data.

A detailed three dimensional digital Country Base Map with baseline data is generated down to a resolution of 50 cm2. Once the 3D digital National Base Map is created it is continually updated through ongoing satellite and aerial survey.

Specialized software with an array of graphically-oriented scenario planning, analysis and decision making tools is then used to analyze the 3D Digital Country Base Map.

Reports are compiled that detail:

Current land use across the entire nation;
Current natural resources across the nation;
Current human development activities and the tangible and intangible products generated from human activity.

This database is then used to identify:

Optimum land use strategies for the entire nation. The analysis software can model the different land use strategies and predict ecological, social and economic outcomes.
Sustainable Development opportunities, including modelling to predict ecological, social and economic outcomes.

Optimum development framework for multiple infrastructure, mining, energy, urban development, agriculture, water, security, manufacturing, transport, industrial and social services projects.

2. Project Management and Delivery
Strategic Natural Capital works with its selected partners in specified development sectors to then successfully construct and operate the sustainable development projects.

Strategic Natural Capital has development expertise in the following market sectors:
Security – personal, regional, national.
Natural and mineral resource exploitation and management – mining.
Housing and Urban planning and development.
Water treatment, management and supply.
Fisheries Protection
Health & Education services.
Forest Carbon.
Climate change and environment.
International trade and finance.